Car catalytic converter Marking machine

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    Key Features

    Car catalytic converter Marking machine

     Engrave in horizontal direction

    Suitable range

    1. Shell body diameter: ψ80 ~ 160 mm

    2. Shell body length: 130 ~ 600 mm

    3. Plate thickness: 1.0 ~2.0 mm

    4. Shell body material: SUS316 / SUS409

    5. Brick outer diameter: ψ77 ~ 150 mm

    6. Brick length: 70 ~ 120 mm

    7. Brick diameter tolerance:± 1mm


    1. The most significant characteristic is that the diameter tolerance of catalyst ceramic carrier allows ± 1mm which may reduce the ceramics carrier procurement cost.

    2. The production line is equipped with the catalyst ceramic outer diameter CCD image detector set, liner electron platform scale and the two-dimensional bar code output device to produce the one-to-one data bar code pasted on the body for next press mounting.

    3. The NC eight petals reducing machine provided read-out two-dimensional bar code device calculates the precise data according to GBD value to pack the catalytic carrier into the shell body accurately and then to process reducing work.

    4. After pressing mounting strength inspection, next process is spinning/reducing work for the shell body’s both of ends. The perfect designs guarantee to produce excellent product.


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